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Many young parents may see playtime with their children as a simple recreational activity for enjoyment and bonding, but did you know that playtime is much more than just having fun with your kids? Studies by many researchers have established that playtime is important in supporting healthy developmental and learning processes in children. This has a large impact on babies and toddlers as they are at the age where they are beginning to learn more about their environment through interacting with the world around them. Toys, games and other playthings stimulate their five senses and spark their creativity through imaginative play. Gross and fine motor skills are also trained through such activities. It is, therefore, necessary for parents to recognize the importance of such recreational activities for their dearest darlings and provide them with fun learning tools that they will enjoy playing with. After all, every parent wants the best for their kids, and what better way is there to shower love on them than to buy them toys to support their growth and learning?

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Just step into any toy store and you will find that there is an incredible range of products available out on the shelves, varying from basic wooden toys to high tech electronic books. Some are built primarily for general play and enjoyment. Stuffed animals are a great example of one and are one of the most popular playthings that have endured the test of time - most of us will likely have nostalgic memories of playing with a stuffed plushie in our childhood days. They may be simple in construction, but they make absolutely adorable companions for toddlers. Children often form strong emotional bonds to such dolls and make them the comfort objects that they can rely on for emotional support. The soft and fluffy texture of the dolls also provides tactile stimulation to babies who are learning to interpret and make sense of their sense of touch. Having a variety of stuffed animals can also expand your child’s knowledge and help them to recall names of different animal species. Electronic train sets of Thomas the Tank Engine are also a good choice for toddlers who are fans of the lovable blue train engine. Looking for something a bit larger and more suitable for active exercise? Then you’ll want to check out some of our inflatable ball pits and pools! These large play areas are filled with large colorful plastic balls that toddlers can wade through for hours of fun and enjoyment. You can even invite other parents and have their kids play together in the ball pit as well! Older toddlers who are learning to imitate their parents can also role play with pretend kitchen sets to simulate cooking activities and learn about food preparation in a safe environment free of actual kitchen hazards. For parents who are looking for educational toys that develop specific cognitive skills, we offer cloth fabric books that are illustrated with bright and eye-catching images of animals, fruits, vegetables and many other important everyday items! These books will help improve cognitive development by training visual recognition and object associated with their respective names.

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